• Bio:

    Dr. Jeffrey T. Parsons is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Hunter College, and is also on the Health Psychology and Clinical Science doctoral faculty at the Graduate Center of CUNY. His doctorate is in Developmental Psychology from the University of Houston. He is the founding Director of CHEST, and has brought in over 48 million dollars in grant funding in the past 20 years. CHEST conducts research on social and psychological factors associated with HIV transmission and the wellbeing of those living with HIV, with a particular emphasis on the promotion of sexual health. Dr. Parsons’ research emphasizes the intersections between sexual health, substance use, and HIV/AIDS, with a focus on LGBT health issues. In his 20 years of Directing CHEST, he has mentored numerous junior faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. Over 300 students have served as interns at CHEST in its 20-year history. Dr. Parsons is a board member of the LGBT Social Science and Public Policy Center at Roosevelt House.

  • Current Projects:

    Current work: Center for HIV/AIDS Education Studies & Training (CHEST) website: www.chestnyc.org

  • Research Areas: Gender and Sexuality, Health Advocacy, LGBT Policy, Public Health Policy