• Bio:

    Nicholas Freudenberg is Distinguished Professor of Public Health and Director of the Doctoral Program at CUNY’s School of Public Health located at Hunter College. His current work focuses on municipal policy responses to child obesity in various cities around the world including New York, London, Cape Town and Lisbon. Over the summer of 2011 with faculty and doctoral students from nursing, psychology and public health, he took a group of faculty and doctoral students in Nursing, Psychology and Public Health to Cape Town and London to meet with researchers, staff from non-governmental organizations and public health officials who were working on child obesity issues in those cities. With a group of colleagues, he is currently preparing a comparative case study of intersectoral municipal responses to child obesity for the World Health Organization. Freudenberg has written or edited five books and more than 75 scientific articles on urban health policy, HIV prevention, community mobilization for health and the role of food policy in health.