Finland leads the world in thinking how a truly sustainable future can be achieved.  The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is driving much of the new thinking in Finnish society, and we’re glad to have Aarne Granlund, Project Coordinator for Carbon Neutral Circular Economy at Sitra, with us in New York to describe their initiatives.  Among the steps Sitra has taken is building a Lifestyle Test designed to give the public a better understanding of the individual behavior changes that help Finland reach the Paris Climate Accord goals.

Nearly 70% of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by individuals and their lifestyles.  They come from how people live, travel and eat and from what they buy.  Daily activities and choices also allow people to reduce emissions.  Sitra’s website offers 100 ways to live a good life within the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity.  These choices can not only improve quality of life but can also reduce the environmental impacts of daily life.

City Atlas and the Institute for Sustainable Cities at Hunter College have joined to adapt the Sitra Lifestyle Test for the public in New York City.  Aarne Granlund of Sitra will be on hand at this event to show visitors how the project has worked and the results from over 200,000 uses of the site.

Learning from Finland: Bringing the Sitra Lifestyle Test to NYC | Posted on September 21st, 2018 | Public Programs, Special Projects and Conferences