Fall 2017 Human Rights Courses

Below are the HRP courses and Elective Cognates offered for Fall 2017. These courses count toward the Minor and Certificate in Human Rights. Please check the site frequently for any changes or additions.

Core courses

The following are required courses for the Minor and the Certificate in Human Rights.

CodeCourse nameInstructor(s)
HR 200Introduction to Human Rights Required for both the Minor and Certificate in Human Rights. Open to all students. Offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.Carla De Ycaza Babatunde Olugboji Faraz Sanei              Mark Shulman
HR 250Human Rights Internship Practical internship with NGO, not classroom instruction, mandatory CR/NC, required for both the Minor and Certificate in Human Rights, limited to HRP students. Offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.Smita Narula
HR 260Human Rights Internship Seminar  Limited to students pursuing the Certificate in Human Rights. Offered in the Fall semester.Smita Narula


Fall 2017 HRP Elective Cognate Courses

CodeCourse nameInstructor(s)
 HR 320.03The Critics of Human Rights                                (Fall 2017)Joseph Chuman
 HR 320.04 Human Rights & the Impact of the Media       (Fall 2017) Peter Osnos


Approved Permanent Elective Cognates from Hunter Academic Departments and Programs

Note: Following is a complete list of approved elective courses from other departments that count toward the Minor and the Certificate in Human Rights.  Approved courses offered for the Fall 2017 semester have been highlighted at the time of this posting, but please go to the specific departments for their most current information on course schedules and instructors.

CodeCourse nameInstructor(s)
AFPRL 390.40Institutional RacismMark Payne
ANTHC 218.00The Anthropology of the Cvl Rights Mvmnt in U.S.David Hodges
ANTHC 303.51Social Mvmnts: Theory, Practice, & EthnographySarah Molinari
ANTHC 309.00Rural Societies                               (Fall 2017)
Mark Edelman
ANTHC 320.01/ WGSL 306.00Gender and Migration                 (Fall 2017)Catherine Raissiguier
ANTHC 320.75Law and AnthropologyYukiko Koga
ANTHC 321.59Human Rights of the IndigenousStaff
ANTHC 321.65Politics of ReproductionAminata Maraesa
ANTHC 401.01Language and NationalismRobert Greenberg
ANTHC 401.85Latin American MigrationRocio Gil
ANTHC 401.98International Human Rights      (Fall 2017)Staff
ASIAN 230.01Globalization and GenderStaff
ASIAN 320.01Nation, Self and Asian Identity
Jennifer Hayashida
ASIAN  330.08
ENGL 317.55
Muslim Diasporas                          (Fall 2017)Staff
ASIAN 390.02
POLSC 317.01
Asian Amer. Civil Rights & Law  (Fall 2017)Staff
ASIAN 490.00/
URBS 403.96
Immigration PolicyPeter Kwong
ECO 330.00Economic Development                 (Fall 2017)Staff
ENGL 325.00/
COMPL 381.66
Post-Colonial Literature                (Fall 2017)01 Sonali Perera    02 Leah Light
ENGL 329.81Utopian Fictions: Literature and Human RightsSonali Perera
ENGL 329.82World Literature & the Question of Human RightsNico Israel
HIST 250.13History of Humanitarian Aid in Africa      (Fall 2017)Jill Rosenthal
HIST 341.20Women and Gender in IslamKaren Kern
HIST 341.33Indigenous Movements in Latin American HistorySteven John
HIST 341.6220th Century Latin American RevolutionsSteven John
HIST 382.04Historical Studies Seminar: GandhiManu Bhagavan
HIST 382.17Jerusalem in the Twentieth CenturyLaura Schor
HIST 382. 28Refugees & the Making of the Modern World  (Fall 2017)Jill Rosenthal
HIST 384.61Hitler’s GermanyBenjamin Hett
HIST 384.00/ HIST 492.09The Dreyfus Affair: French Anti-Semitism before the HolocaustLaura Schor
HIST 774.36HR & the Non-Western World           Manu Bhagavan
HONS 301.46Violence and Ethnic Conflict in South AsiaRupal Oza
HONS 301.67So. Afr & Sthrn Afr After Apartheid  (Fall 2017)Staff
LACS 330.55Human Rights Research                       (Fall 2017)Staff
MED 386.00Media Ethics  
Gregory Morris
PHILO 246.00/
POLSC 204.01
Political Philosophy                               (Fall 2017)Staff
PHILO 248.00International EthicsStaff
PHILO 252.00/
POLSC 317.54
Law and MoralityJoshua Keton
PHILO 255.00Environmental PhilosophyJustin Garson
PHILO 346.00Contemporary Theories of JusticeSteven Ross
PHILO 348.00Philosophy of Human RightsCarol Gould
PHILO 394.75Democratic TheoryCarol Gould
PHILO 394.86Immigration & Human Rights 
Carol Gould
POLSC 202.00Modern Pol Thought (1600-1900)    (Fall 2017)John Wallach
POLSC 204.01/
PHILO 246.00
Political Philosophy     
01 Joshua Keaton       02 Jamie Lindsay  
POLSC 209.00/
WGS 209.00
Wmn & Gnder – Westrn. Pol. Thght (Fall 2017)01 Sumru Atuk         02 Emily Crandall
POLSC 217.46The Bill of Rights01 Martin Edelman  02 Walter Volkomer
POLSC 219.00
WGS 219.00
Women and the Law                             (Fall 2017)01 Staff                     02 James Bacher
POLSC 221.00Immigration PolicyLina Newton
POLSC 228.00Protest Movements In Amer. Poltcs    (Fall 2017)Roger Karapin
POLSC 261.00Globalization & Opposition Mvmnts 
Roger Karapin
POLSC 263.00Gvrnmnt & Poltcs of the Middle East (Fall 2017)Jill Schwedler (Sects 01 & 02)
POLSC 270.00Int’l Rela: Conceptual Fndtns & Current IssuesMichael Lee
POLSC 271.00Int’l Politics in the Americas              
Kenneth Erickson
POLSC 272.11The Politics of DevelopmentIan Jones
POLSC 272.25Comparative LGBT Politics                (Fall 2017)Julie Hollar
POLSC 272.26Government/Politics of AfricaCarolyn Somerville
POLSC 273.22The Politics of International Human Rights EnforcementRob Jenkins
POLSC 275.00Politics of Global EconomyMichael Lee
POLSC 276.00Global IssuesCarolyn Somerville
POLSC 278.00International Organizations              (Fall 2017)Michael Lee
POLSC 282.00International SecurityCynthia Roberts
POLSC 283.00Politics of Terrorism                             (Fall 2017)Zachary Shirkey
POLSC 294.01/ SOCSC 297.01Int’l Relations: Model U.N.                 (Fall 2017)Erika Iverson
POLSC 303.00Democracy and EmergencyLeonard Feldman
POLSC 304.77Violence, Justice and ReconciliationAlex Zamalin
POLSC 304.81Democracy and Political EthicsJohn Wallach
POLSC 305.00Democratic Theory/Problems of Democracy                                                                          (Fall 2017)
John Wallach
POLSC 309.00/
WGS 309.00
Feminist Political TheoryRobin Marasco
POLSC 316.00Political Theory of Human RightsJohn Wallach
POLSC 317.01/
ASIAN 390.02
Asian American Civil Rights & Law  
Ivy Suriyopas
POLSC 317.15LGBT Rights – Law & PolicyMichael Fisher
POLSC 317.54/
PHILO 252.00
Law and MoralitySteven Ross
POLSC 317.74Politics of Criminalization                 
Sanford Schram
POLSC 341.00Constitutional Law: Civil Rights       (Fall 2017)
James Bacher
POLSC 342.00Constitutional Law: First AmendmentMartin Edelman
POLSC 353.00Social Mvmnts, Cvl Society & the State in Latin America                                                     (Fall 2017)                                                      Kenneth Erickson Sects 01 and 02
POLSC 372.18Protest and DissentJillian Schwedler
POLSC 372.43Post Conflict Peace-Building and State BuildingRobert Jenkins
POLSC 374.00International Human RightsCarolyn Somerville
POLSC 375.00International Law                                   (Fall 2017)Timothy Wilkins
PH 714.00Public Health and Human RightsStaff
REL 208.00Religion and Social Justice                 (Fall 2017)Gail Tirana
REL 209.00Religion and Human Rights               (Fall 2017)Jason Wyman
REL 315.00The Problem of Evil                              (Fall 2017)David Cerequas
SOCSC 297.01/ POLSC 294.01Int’l Relations: Model U.N.                (Fall 2017)Erika Iverson
SOC 218.00Social InequalityStaff
SOC 307.00Migration                                                   (Fall 2017)Margaret Chin Sects 01 & 02
SOC 315.00Work and SocietyJack Hammond
SOC 320.00Law, Society and Civil Rights              (Fall 2017)Calvin John Smiley                          Sects 01 & 02
SOC 325.38Hunger in AmericaJanet Poppendieck
SOC 325.66Seminar: Food and Society                 
SOC 361.00Development and Modernization      (Fall 2017)John Hammond Sects 01 & 02
SOC 364.00Globalism and NationalismJoong Oh
SPAN 371.08Memory of the Dictatorships of Argentina & Chile                                                               
Maria Fischer
URBP 787.27Environmental JusticeSamara Swanston
WGS 200.71AIDS and SocietyStaff
WGS 200.83Gender, Islam and Rights in South AsiaDina Siddiqi
WGS 209.00
POLSC 209.00
Wmn & Gndr in West. Pol. Thght     (Fall 2016)01 Sumru Atuk               02 Emily Crandall
WGS 219.00
POLSC 219.00
Women and the Law
Kathleen Collins Baer
WGS 244.00Transnational Feminisms                  (Fall 2017)01 Rupal Oza          02 Staff
WGS 300.27Transgender Theory and PoliticsBenjamin Persky
WGS 300.40Gender, Politics and PowerStaff
WGS 309.o0/ POLSC 309.00Feminist Political TheoryRobin Marasco
WGSL 200.04Gender & Human RightsNomvuyo Nolutshungu
WGSL 206.00Gender and Immigration    
Catherine Raissiguier
WGSL 306.00/ ANTHC 320.01Gender and Migration                         (Fall 2017) Catherine Raissiguier
WGSP 200.70Prison, Human Rights and GenderSusan Rosenberg
 WGSS 300.02Reproductive Rights in the U.S.         (Fall 2017)Michael Fisher