Roosevelt House Visiting Research Fellows

Roosevelt House will welcome at least two Visiting Research Fellows every year, beginning in 2012, for a term of 6-12 months. Fellows will be specialists in public policy, human rights, or another area directly related to the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

While based at Roosevelt House, fellows are expected to give at least one talk about their research to faculty and students (in a seminar, brownbag lunch, conference or public program). They are expected to be available as well to meet informally with students.


Visiting fellows should have a PhD in an appropriate discipline or a relevant professional degree in, for example, law, journalism, health, education or social work. Their research should address an aspect of public policy, human rights or another area directly related to the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. When reviewing applications, the selection committees will give preference to individuals who are collaborating with colleagues at Hunter.

Application Process:

Candidates must submit an updated curriculum vitae and a 3-page proposal about the work they wish to do at Roosevelt House over a six-month period or year. If a candidate plans to work with a member of the Hunter College faculty, the faculty member in question should submit the application for the candidate, together with a letter of nomination.

Selection Process:

The Roosevelt House Steering Committee will make the first cut and submit the stronger applications (at least half of the total received) to a committee appointed by the Provost. This special committee will make the final selection, in consultation with the Senate’s Roosevelt House Committee and the Steering Committee.