Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

May the nominator also serve as one of the references?

No, the letters of reference must be from two additional individuals.


May I serve as a nominator or reference for an organization nominee if I work for that same organization?

Not if you are a paid employee or officer.  However, volunteer Board members may nominate or serve as a reference (see below).


May I serve as a nominator or reference for an individual nominee if I work for the same organization to which the individual would be donating half of the prize monies?

Not if you are a paid employee or officer of that organization.   However, volunteer Board members may nominate or serve as a reference (see below).


May Board members serve as a nominator or reference?

Yes, as long as they are volunteer, unpaid Board members. However, only one Board member may serve as either the nominator or as one of the references.  As specified in the 2013-2014 Nomination Guidelines, of the three required letters that are part of a nomination packet—the nominator’s narrative, reference letter 1 and reference letter 2—only one may be from a volunteer Board member.


If I nominated an individual or organization in the past, what is the process for renomination?

To encourage renominations, and in the spirit of keeping the process as simple as possible, an email indicating that a nominator would like the nominee to be considered again this year will suffice.  However, that being said, we would invite (but not require) nominators to provide a 1-2 page update to your previous submission informing the Selection Committee of additional noteworthy achievements since the person or organization was initially nominated. Also, if necessary, please make any changes to the contact and other information from your original nomination form.  Then, later in the process, if the nominee should advance to the semifinalist or finalist stage, we may ask for an additional new letter of reference or whatever else the Selection Committee deems necessary if it wants more up-to-date information.

You may also elect to prepare a completely new application using the 2013-2014 Nomination Guidelines and Form, but this is not mandatory.

(Note: some of the nominator/reference eligibility and other requirements may have changed since you first nominated, so all current specifications in the 2013-2014 guidelines should be followed if you choose this option.)


Where can I get additional information about the nomination process?

Email your questions to, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.