Guidelines for HR 250: Human Rights Internship Final Reflection Paper

Please find below guidelines for your final reflection paper for the HR 250 Internship course, which is due at the end of your internship semester and before a grade can be submitted. Reflection papers should be 3-4 pages in length (single-spaced) and should include the following elements:

I. Narrative Description of Internship Work

  • A description/narrative of the projects and work that you undertook in your internship.

II. Reflections on the Work of the Internship Organization

  • Your reflections on the work and strategies of the organization with which you interned. What do you think of the organization’s approach and its efficacy? What kinds of issues did you see arise in the context of this work and how might you go about addressing them?

III. Self-Evaluation of Internship Work

  • A thoughtful self-evaluation that includes a discussion of the following related to your internship work:
    i. Your contributions
    ii. Areas of growth
    iii. Areas in need of work (and your related goals beyond the internship)

IV. At the conclusion of your reflection paper, please include a paragraph on whether you would recommend this internship for future Hunter students (and why). Please also include a summary paragraph about your experience that we may post on our website (with the organization’s permission).