Hosting this exhibition at The Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College honors the legacies of Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt in their former home, and highlights the important role FDR played in maintaining American democracy during a challenging era marked by Depression and world war. Roosevelt House is very grateful for the substantial loan of materials and significant collaboration from the New-York Historical Society (N-YHS). For additional resources that have been generously loaned or provided in digital format we thank: Brooklyn College Archives & Special Collections and Shola Lynch Collection (BC, SLC); Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library (FDRL); Gary Schulze (GS); Harold Holzer (HH); Jill Norgren, (JN); Margaret Chase Smith Library (MCS); Museum of the City of New York (MCNY); Stuart Lehman (SL); Thomas Mallon (TM); Tony Stepanski (TS); Wendy Chmielewski (WC); and Presidential Campaign Posters from the Library of Congress (LC). Items have also been drawn from the Roosevelt House collection (RH). The exhibition has been curated by Roosevelt House staff Historian Deborah Gardner and designed by Digital Media Manager Dylan Gauthier with the assistance of Yvonne Chow. We also acknowledge assistance from the staff of Roosevelt House and Hunter College and from Gregory Nolan and John Winters. We want to especially thank Marilyn Kushner, Alan Balicki, and Lauren Brincat (N-YHS); Herman Eberhardt (FDRL); Colleen Bradley Smith (BC); David Richards, John Taylor and Angela Stockwell (MCS); Miranda Hambro and Lindsay Turley (MCNY); CUNY Professors Jill Norgren and Barbara Winslow; and Swarthmore Curator Wendy Chmielewski.

Exhibition made possible by a generous grant from the Stepanski Family Charitable Trust.