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      Natalia Scollo has been a passionate activist for all kinds of social and political issues since middle school. The first time she got involved in community engagement was in her 6th grade Keep Islip Clean club, the town’s denomination of Keep America Beautiful. It was there that see realized how important is was to not only protect the environment but to work with others. The environment remains one of her top concerns. She was involved with KIC all throughout secondary school and learned to serve as a leader. Meanwhile, she also got joined her school’s Gay Straight Alliance and served as its president in her senior year. It was through both clubs that she knew she wanted to remain involved in politics and majored in the subject in college. Once in school, she joined the Paths to Animal Liberation club and became a full vegan. She currently serves as the president leading meetings, running events, and organizing the Hunter college animal rights community. She later also pursued economics and human rights minors and a public policy certificate. Within the public policy program, she focused her attention on reforming sex education because she is also a fervid sex positive feminist. Outside of school she is a pole dance and yoga instructor. She strongly believes in lifting all people up and giving them a platform to express themselves without stigma. She has interned with Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell (69th District) and the (Long Island) LGBT Network. It has been an honor to be involved in the policy and non-profit spheres, and she hopes to further her work for animals and people later in her career.