The LGBTQ Policy Center at Roosevelt House

Queer Policy & Politics Class on a Village Pride Walking Tour.

The LGBTQ Policy Center at Roosevelt House provides educational and enrichment opportunities for students interested in LGBTQ studies, develops public programs on LGBTQ politics and policy for the broader community, and creates bridges between researchers and policymakers who are invested in advancing LGBTQ rights.

The mission of the center is to support research on LGBTQ issues to inform policy decisions; to disseminate findings to inform public opinion and promote LGBTQ social, health, and political equity; and to provide academic training and practicum opportunities for Hunter College students in LGBTQ studies.

In Particular, The LGBTQ Policy Center Aims To:

  • Offer undergraduate courses on LGBTQ rights, policy, history, and activism with an interdisciplinary and intersectional emphasis
  • Foster internship and fellowship opportunities for students interested in LGBTQ policy and advocacy
  • Address current LGBTQ law and policy issues, with a focus on New York City and New York State
  • Create a public platform for law and policy scholars to contribute to public policy discussions
  • Hold public symposium, events, panels, roundtables, and book talks on LGBTQ issues
  • Increase the visibility of LGBTQ policy relevant research
  • Promote collaboration and collegiality between CUNY researchers addressing LGBTQ policy issues across CUNY campuses
  • Support faculty in their LGBTQ research and in making their work accessible to a broader audience

Political scientist Erin Mayo-Adam currently serves as Director. For questions about the LGBTQ Policy Center at Roosevelt House please email: