Student Activities

As a vibrant hub for public policy dialogue and civic engagement, Roosevelt House offers a number of exciting opportunities for Hunter College students. Alongside its undergraduate programs in public policy and human rights, Roosevelt House hosts brown-bag lunch series and roundtable discussions with policy makers, government officials, and community activists, especially for Hunter students and faculty.

Students on Election Night

Roosevelt House Students Gather for Election Night 2012

SDR Library

Students working in the SDR Library

Student Events: Roosevelt House hosts speakers and provides unique opportunities for student engagement with public features from Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams to National Endowment for the Arts Director Rocco Landesman.

Roosevelt Institute Campus Network: In keeping with the Roosevelt legacy, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network is an independent student policy organization that engages students in progressive activism by empowering student leaders and enabling them to promote their ideas for change. Hunter College has a particularly active and engaged chapter.

Sara D. Roosevelt Library: The historic Sara Delano Roosevelt Library is a student space on the 2nd floor of the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute. Students involved with Roosevelt House are encouraged to respectfully read, visit, and relax in this space.

Roosevelt House Student Guides: Roosevelt House guides play a crucial role in sharing with our guests the history of the family, the house, the extraordinary ties between Eleanor Roosevelt and Hunter College, and the special role of the house as a college community center before it became a public policy center in 2010. Roosevelt House guides are part of the Student Ambassador Program.