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    Nursing., Public Health Chronic Diseases, Diabetes, Hispanic Health, Health Literacy
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    Dr. Judith Aponte is a Hispanic nurse, educator, researcher and speaker. She is a tenured Associate Professor at Hunter College School of Nursing, City University of New York. Her research focus is on Hispanics with diabetes. She examines diabetes and diabetes-related issues affecting Hispanic subgroups with diabetes, and compares the different Hispanic subgroups. She includes Hispanic nurses and nursing studies on her research team, presents with them on research findings, and includes them on publications emerging from the research. She is a fellow at the Academy of Medicine, sub-committee member for the American Diabetes Association, member of the Council of Business Advisor’s of the National Hispanic Nurses Association, and 1st Vice Chair of the Community Advisory Board of Metropolitan Hospital Center. She was an awardee and finalist of the 2014 NY/NJ Nursing Excellence in Giving Excellence Meaning (GEM) award in the category of Advancing and Leading the Profession. Dr. Aponte has authored multiple peer-reviewed articles and has received funding to examine disparities and understand differences among Hispanic subgroups, in order to develop targeted interventions that promote optimum health and minimize complications. Dr. Aponte’s dedication and commitment to Hispanics and people with diabetes is evident by her involvement in teaching patients as well as nursing students about diabetes, going beyond the walls of the classroom by educating, mentoring and involving them in events related to diabetes as they share their knowledge and educate those at risk or with diabetes.


  • Recent Publications:

    Book Chapters

    Aponte, J., and Holzemer, S. P. (2012). Inquiry and Health Promotion, Health Maintenance, and Health Restoration in the Community. Community Health Nursing: An Alliance for Health. S.P. Holzemer, & M. Klainberg. (2nd ed). Boston: MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

    Rosofsky, A. and Aponte, J. (2014). Asthma and Diabetes Within the Puerto Rican Population. Puerto Ricans At The Dawn Of The New Millennium. E. Melendez, & C. Vargas-Ramos. New York: NY: Centro Press Publisher.

    Journal Articles-Peer Reviewed (*signifies an article written with an undergraduate student;**signifies an article written with a graduate student.)

    Aponte, J., Figueroa, B.N.*, Madera, M.**, Campos-Dominguez, G.*, Panora, E.** & Jaramillo, D.* (2015). Mentoring: Building Research Capacity in Nursing: Hispanic Undergraduate and Graduate Research Assistants. Journal of Nursing Education, 54(6), 328-334.

    Aponte, J., Campos-Dominguez, G.* & Jaramillo, D.* (2015). Understanding Diabetes Alef-Management Behaviors Among Hispanics in New York City. Hispanic Health Care International (HHIC), 13(1), 19-26.

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  • Current Projects:

    Funded Grants

    2015 The New York City Macroscope Electronic Health Record Surveillance System: Phase II Evaluation and Diffusion of Innovation, Fund for Public Health in New York; $264,257. (2 Years February 2015-Janaury 2017). The New York City Health Department: Principal Investigator (PI): Katharine H. McVeigh: Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI): Remle Newton-Dame; Subcontract to City University of New York-Research Foundation; Co-PI: Lorna Thorpe; Nursing Faculty Supervisor: Judith Aponte.

  • Research Areas: Diabetes, Health Literacy, Hispanic Health, Nursing, Public Health Chronic Diseases