• Bio:

    Dr. Snodgrass is an assistant professor in the Department of Special Education at Hunter College, CUNY. After seven years as a special education teacher in public schools in Illinois, she completed her PhD in special education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research focuses primarily on augmentative and alternative communication, and she teaches courses in the master’s and EdD programs in Hunter College’s School of Education.

  • Recent Publications:
    • Meadan, H., Snodgrass, M. R., Palomo, I., Amenta, C. G., & Halle, J. W. (2016). A framework for defining contexts for training and coaching practices. Exceptionality. doi:10.1080/09362835.2016.1196451
    • Snodgrass, M. R., Israel, M., & Reese, G. C. (2016). Instructional supports for students with disabilities in K-5 computing: Findings from a cross-case analysis. Computers & Education, 100, 1-17. doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2016.04.011
    • Chung, M. Y., Snodgrass, M. R., Meadan, H., Akamoglu, Y. A., & Halle, J. W. (2016). Understanding communication intervention for young children with autism and their parents: Exploring measurement decisions and confirmation bias. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 28, 113-134. doi:10.1007/s10882-015-9468-7
    • Meadan, H., Snodgrass, M. R., Meyer, L. E., Fisher, K. W., Chung, M. Y., & Halle, J. W. (2016). Coaching parents of young children with disabilities in communication strategies using Internet-based technologies. Journal of Early Intervention, 38, 3-23. doi:10.1177/1053815116630327
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    • Snodgrass, M. R., Stoner, J. B., & Angell, M. E. (2013). Teaching conceptually referenced core vocabulary for initial augmentative and alternative communication. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 29, 322-333. doi:10.3109/07434618.2013.848932
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    • Meadan, H., Ostrosky, M. M., Santos, R. M., & Snodgrass, M. R. (2013). How can I help? Prompting procedures to support children’s learning. Young Exceptional Children, 16(4), 32-40. doi:10.1177/1096250613505099
  • Current Projects:

    Melinda conducts mixed methods examinations of supports for children’s educational teams, including their families, around augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). She is also a member of a team of researchers across three states that conducts research focused on the use of caregiver coaching and telepractice in Early Intervention (learn more at sites.google.com/a/illinois.edu/i-pics/). Melinda also has methodological interests in mixed methods and single-case experimental designs. She co-leads an interdisciplinary, cross-institution collaborative that examines the use of mixed methods to explore intersections between single-case experimental research and program evaluation for exploring the social validity of interventions.

  • Research Areas: Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Education and disability