Past Faculty Events


You are invited to attend a special lecture featuring Professor Roxanne Euben (Wellesley… Read more



70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green Film Screening with Dir. Ronit Bezalel
For 70 years, there stood a public housing community in… Read more



Twenty years ago, with bipartisan support, President Bill Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act that… Read more



A book discussion featuring Donna Haverty-Stacke, Associate Professor of History at Hunter College… Read more



Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s wave of Great Society legislation gave historic momentum to greater economic and racial… Read more



A two-day academic conference.



How can we confront the problems of diminished democracy, pervasive economic inequality, and persistent global poverty? Is it possible to fulfill… Read more


Emergent City

Co-presented with the World Policy Institute.


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With: Nicholas Freudenberg & Nancy Romer; Moderated by Dr. Thomas A. Farley


Andrew Khoo

Leading human rights activist, lawyer, and Co-Chairperson of the Malaysian Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee, Andrew… Read more



A program celebrating the publication of Hunter sociology professor Nancy Foner’s collection, “One Out of Three: Immigrant New York in the… Read more



Gentrification and minority displacement are changing neighborhoods across the city. Ida Susser, professor of anthropology at Hunter and the… Read more


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A workshop designed for U.S. and global history, government, civics, and ELA teachers.



Professor William Solecki (Geography; Director, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities) co-organized a panel discussion on the… Read more



The next administration will face great challenges in addressing continued global climate change and its effects. In his book Terra… Read more



Women remain significantly underrepresented among elected officials in the U.S. – only 17% of Congress is made up of women. But this… Read more


Audre Lorde

Photo by Dagmar Shultz
Confirmed Speakers:
Meena Alexander, Asha Bandele, Amina Baraka, Rich Blint, Cheryl Clarke, B…. Read more



Revisiting the Great Society: The Role of Government from FDR and LBJ to Today was a two-day symposium, on March 14th and 15. … Read more