Please join us at Roosevelt House for a dramatic reading from Eleanor and Alice: Conversations Between Two Remarkable Roosevelts, a play by Ellen Abrams. It examines the fraught and complicated relationship between Eleanor and Alice Roosevelt—American royalty and two of the most renowned and admired women of their time. Eleanor Roosevelt, the famed First Lady, and Alice Roosevelt Longworth, presidential daughter and consummate Washington D.C. insider, were born the same year and spent much of their childhoods together. They were biological first cousins, but their politics and personalities could not have been more different.

Eleanor and Alice reveals a relationship crackling with wit and antagonism, in which the personal was always political, and where victory for one might mean failure for the other. The reading will be directed by veteran New York actor, playwright, and director, Scott Klavan. The cast includes Holland Lane Curtis, Laura Fois, Megan Magee, and Barbara Suter.

A Dramatic Reading from Eleanor and Alice: Conversations Between Two Remarkable Roosevelts | Posted on December 3rd, 2019 | Public Programs