Born after 1996, Gen Z is the most racially diverse and digitally connected generation in the U.S., and its members’ formative years have been defined by recession, mass shootings, climate crisis, and war. Now, as the 2020 election approaches this new generation of young voters find themselves being pushed to consider their place in a political climate defined by anxiety, mass protest, and financial uncertainty. Join the Roosevelt House Public Policy Program on Wednesday, October 14 at 1:15 PM for a virtual lunch hour event titled Election 2020: Insights on Activism from Gen Z that will provide a new vantage point for understanding how America’s youngest voters view the political landscape they will one day inherit.

Moderated by Shyama Venkateswar, Distinguished Lecturer and Director, Public Policy Program, Hunter College, this roundtable discussion features a panel of highly-engaged youth activists from across New York City including: Jake Martinez, Director of Youth Programs at the New York Civil Liberties Union; Devashish Basnet, Political Science Major, Public Policy Minor, Human Rights Minor, Class of 2022 at Hunter College; Raísa Lin Garden-Lucerna, Urban Environmental Health Major, Public Policy Minor, Class of 2021 at CUNY; Zenzilé Tonge, Sociology Major, Dance Minor, Class of 2021 at Hunter College; Leslie Vasquez, International Studies and Economics Major, Class of 2022 at City College. Brought together to share their perspectives on the election’s hot-button issues our student panel will discuss criminal justice reform, economic inequality, healthcare access, immigration reform, and climate change.

Election 2020: Insights on Activism from Gen Z | Posted on October 13th, 2020 | Public Policy Program Events, Public Programs