Join us as Harold Holzer, Jonathan F. Fanton Director of The Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College, and John Avlon, Senior Political Analyst for CNN, dive into Holzer’s latest release, “The Presidents vs. the Press.” The endless battle between our nation’s leaders and the journalists who cover them is anything but new: in fact, it dates all the way back to America’s first president, George Washington.

This new book explores 230 years of historic clashes between chief executives and journalists, focusing on the long traditions of partisan journalism, censorship, propaganda, press conferences, and new technologies. From Adams and Lincoln jailing opposition newspapermen to the best media manipulators using fresh approaches through radio, television and Twitter to get their messages out directly, we will explore a long line of presidents who treat the press with hostility, fabrications, exaggeration, ridicule, and pandering.

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Hunter at Home — The Presidents Vs. The Press: From the Founding Fathers to Fake News | Posted on August 26th, 2020 | Book Discussions, Public Programs