Douglas Brinkley is one of the most popular historians writing today. His books on Theodore Roosevelt (The Wilderness Warrior), Walter Cronkite and other subjects have been major bestsellers, and he is a frequent commentator on CBS News and a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. Brinkley, professor of history at Rice University and a fellow at the James Baker Institute for Public Policy, discussed his new edition of The Nixon Tapes, 1971-72, a fresh transcription including previously unpublished Nixon conversations, co-edited with Luke Nichter. Brinkley and Nichter talked about what the new tapes reveal about the Nixon White House in the period culminating in Watergate, and discussed the history of presidential taping systems, going back to FDR. 

A two-part series looking back at the presidency of Richard Nixon, 40 years since he resigned. The moderator was Jack Rosenthal, Interim Director of Roosevelt House.


Douglas Brinkley / Luke Nichter: “The Nixon Tapes, 1971-72” | Posted on June 23rd, 2014 | Book Discussions, Creation of Blue and Red America, Public Programs