Grove Fellows in Jessica Neuwirth’s Cohort

Elena Adasheva-Klein is a McNair scholar at Hunter College, the City University of New York. Her research interests include ethnoarchaeology of native peoples of Oceania, Eurasia and the Americas, and museum anthropology. Through her research and advocacy, Elena intends to protect and promote indigenous peoples’ rights and contribute to the revitalization of native cultures. Elena works at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and is a visual artist.

Major: Anthropology, Studio Art


Thamara Jean is a Macaulay Scholar, Thomas Hunter Honors Scholar and Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow with a minor in legal studies. Thamara currently interns for the civic-tech organization Democracy Works. In the future, she plans to work to improve access to higher education and professional development for traditionally underrepresented students. She is expected to graduate in spring of 2018.

Majors: Political Science, Media Studies, Honors



Yeen Lama worked with Maiti Nepal, primarily focusing on providing rehabilitation support for survivors of human trafficking in Nepal. Yeen currently serves as a board member for GMIN, a grassroots nonprofit organization that aims to bring sustainable and environmental change in rural Nepal through education and empowerment of women. She plans to pursue a career in public service advocating for vulnerable populations.

Major: Sociology


Aliyah Meyer intends to concentrate her study on wildlife conservation. She wants to be a veterinarian specializing in zoology and exotics so that she can work one on one with endangered animals while advocating for their safety and survival on an international scale.

Major: Biology




Laura Montoya was part of Hunter’s Moot Court class in the winter of 2017 and an intern in a private law firm during the 2016 fall semester. She is an activist with NYPIRG and serves as a Project Leader for their Small Claims Court Action Center at Hunter. In her early years growing up in Bogota, Colombia she became an accomplished violinist and competitive swimmer. She has been a counselor at a music sleep away summer camp for five years.

Majors: Political Science, Psychology, Honors