Grove Fellows in Lilliam Barrios-Paoli’s Cohort

Viktoria Chudsky hopes to combine her knowledge of economics with her desire to create equal educational opportunities for younger generations. Additionally, she wants to use her knowledge of economics to efficiently allocate funds to schools that have been lacking them and give all children access to public education.

Major: Economics



Mikayla Holzwarth has held research assistant positions seeking to improve the health of marginalized populations in NYC. She has been awarded the Raab Presidential Fellowship and was accepted as a member of RAISE-W to support her interest in public health research. Upon graduation, she will depart to Ecuador as a health volunteer with the Peace Corps.

Major: Community Health Education



Marielle Ray is pursuing a Certificate in Human Rights at Roosevelt House and a minor in Spanish. She is particularly interested in the rights of displaced populations including refugees. Upon graduating, she hopes to work in the field of human rights and mental health.

Majors: English, Psychology




Elizabeth Yi’s interest in public service is mostly in learning about ways to provide equal opportunities for all groups of people. She is currently volunteering with seniors and has a desire to figure out how to serve that population. She is hoping to eventually get a Masters in Social Work and plans to work with either children or the elderly population.

Major: Sociology