Posted on March 16, 2015 · Posted in Human Rights Program News, P-cubed News

In preparation for the National Model United Nations conference in New York City, the award-winning Hunter MUN team took home 4 out of 6 awards at the Baruch College Model United Nations Conference. In the General Assembly, students tackled the issue of terrorists acquiring Weapons of Mass Destructing. Charles Chakkalo, Nayab Khan and Andrew Valentin won the top prizes for Honorable, Outstanding and Best Delegate respectively. With the addition of Linda Lin’s award for Outstanding Delegation in the Security Council, where they debated Failing and Nascient States, HMUN completed its stellar diplomatic performance at Baruch.

The conference, which hosts most CUNY schools and a number of other colleges from around the tri-state area, takes place every year in March with over 150 students representing UN Member States in the General Assembly and the Security Council. Nayab Khan, who won Outstanding Delegate at Baruch, said that “our achievement was an example of great teamwork through which we displayed the art of debate at its finest.”

Head Delegates John-David Noguera and Nickolas Ask prepared the team for the Conference and made sure that the Team worked hard throughout the day. “I truly could not be prouder of the team and the work they put in,” said Nickolas Ask. Faculty Advisor Pamela Falk stayed with the students throughout the conference, serving as an invaluable source of information for the Team.

The Team will be representing Brazil and Russia in the upcoming National Model United Nations conference in New York, where 2500 students from around the world gather to discuss global issues. Hunter MUN will be looking to repeat last year’s performance, where the Team won the coveted Outstanding Delegation award as Germany.

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