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Tue, March 20, 2018 | 8:30 am

Why is it so Difficult to Get Seemingly Positive Food Legislation Passed in a Progressive NYC?

Introduction by Charles Platkin, PhD, JD, MPH

Welcome by Smita Narula, JD, MA


Alex Beauchamp, Northeast Region Director, Food & Water Watch

Margaret Brown… Read more

The #MeToo campaign, founded 20 years ago by activist Tarana Burke, has recently reignited a global conversation about sexual harassment and violence against women. Yet despite this watershed moment, advocates contend that many perspectives continue to be marginalized or omitted from the conversation, including those of women and girls of color, mi… Read more

Millions of New Yorkers face daily challenges while navigating a crumbling transportation system that has increasingly come under severe public criticism and scrutiny. With the City’s vast transportation grid at the core of the region’s economic growth, important questions have emerged around governing and financing the $100 billion investments… Read more

Please join us at Roosevelt House for a talk by historian David B. Woolner about his new book, The Last 100 Days: FDR at War and At Peace, an exploration of the drama– and enduring consequence – of the final months of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s life and presidential administration. Woolner, Senior Fellow and Resident H… Read more