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The history of torture is expansive, showing up as police violence in Chicago to torture of criminals during the War on Terror. Historically, authoritie… Read more

Please join us at Roosevelt House to welcome Peter Shinkle, a veteran journalist and the author of Ike’s Mystery Man. Shinkle’s book is a remarkable biography of Robert Cutler, Dwight Eisenhower’s right-hand man for national security at the White House–and a closeted gay man at the center of gay love triangle.

C… Read more

Please join us at Roosevelt House as we welcome C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb and Susan Swain to discuss the network’s newest book-length collection of on-air conversations: The Presidents: Noted Historians Rank America’s Best—and Worst—Chief Executives. They will be joined by historians Harold Holzer… Read more

The acclaimed, best-selling historian Robert A. Caro has written two of the most widely praised biographies of our time: The Power Broker, his exhaustive and essential 1974 study of New York’s long-reigning, so-called “Master Builder,” Robert Moses, still in print after 45 years; and the massive and groundbreaking … Read more

Should We “Blow Up” the MTA*?
(*“Cuomo Wants to ‘Blow Up’ the MTA after L Train Debacle,” New York Daily News, January 8, 2019)


Please join us at Roosevelt House for a very special evening on the future of transit governance in New York and the region, featuring an extraordinar… Read more