Posted on May 22, 2014 · Posted in Roosevelt House General News

Above: The Spring 2014 Public Policy Capstone with Professor Shyama Venkateswar, Director and Distinguished Lecturer of the Public Policy Program.

On May 15th, 2014, the Spring 2014 Public Policy Capstone students presented their semester research projects to an audience of students, faculty, and the general public at Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College. The research projects proposed solutions to some of today’s most pressing policy challenges, including drug sentencing laws, LGBT homelessness, and housing segregation, among many others. A video of the presentations can be found below, as well as a list of student names and project titles.

Matteo Betti, Drug Violence and Crime in Latin America: A Paradigm Shift towards Multi-Sector Prevention Policies

Eric Stephen Bias, Killing Citizens United: Saving Democracy from Money & Influence in Politics

Bianca J. Denis, Youth Recidivism in New York City

Brittany Edghill, Medical Deserts: The Unequal Access to Healthcare for the Urban Poor

Alexandra Giel, GMO Labeling in New York State

Agnieszka Gugala, Roots in the Sky: A Proposal for Rooftop Farming in New York City

Mary Hughes, Access to Education for All: Reauthorizing TANF With Expanded Access to Education and Support Services

Hui Ting Jiang, Equalizing Education: Recruit, Train, and Retain Diverse Teachers for New York City Public School Classrooms

Zoe Johnson, Opportunity for All: Early Childhood Education in the Rochester City School District

Gianina Kesselman, Green Spaces: Why They Are Needed, and What They Can Do

Lidiya Kurin, Ending an Era: Bringing Permanent Legitimacy to the Muslim Brotherhood

Brian Lamberta, Underserved and Overlooked: The Crisis of LGBT  Youth Homelessness

Eric Likhtiger, How to Effectively Combat Issues Surrounding the Commerce of Psychoactive Substances by Investing in Public Health Approaches

Nya Reichley, Segregation and Poverty Concentration: Market-Driven Reforms in Fair Housing

Jane Selegean, The Efficacy of Translational Research in Combatting the Obesity Pandemic

Jennifer Yip, Changing The Urban Landscape: Creating a Path for Bicyclists in the Future