Posted on January 27, 2017 · Posted in Featured News Story, P-cubed News, Roosevelt House General News

On December 14, 2016, the Fall 2016 Public Policy Capstone students presented their semester research projects to an audience of students, faculty, and the general public at Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College. The research projects proposed solutions to some of today’s most pressing policy challenges, including mass incarceration, residential displacement due to gentrification, and climate change, among many others. A video of the presentations can be found below, as well as a list of student names and project titles.


Charles Bachmann, Restoring Student Privacy

Alyssa DeSouza, Restrictive Voting Laws: The Constitutional Suppression of Minority Voters

Thomas Hutton, Closing the Carbon Leakage Loopholes in the Clean Power Plan

Matthew LoCastro, Economic Development and Clean Energy: Adjusting to the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Initiatives

Soumya Misra, From Trauma to Treatment: Alternatives to Long Term Solitary Confinement

Rachel Nurse, HIV Epidemic Prevalence in High Poverty Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Joy Nuga, A Byte-Ing Conundrum: Barriers to Comprehensive Cybersecurity Policy, Internet Governance, and Privacy

Jennifer Ulloa, From Persecution to Punishment: The Role of the United States in the Central American Refugee Crisis

Peter Rostovsky, Institutional Reforms of the United Nations Development System: Adjusting Coordination Mechanisms

Tamar Williams, Bridging the Gap: Improving Access to High Quality Pre-School for Low-Income Minority Children and Closing the Achievement Gap

Jonathan Wong, Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration and Unemployment: Improving Low Term Opportunities for Blacks and Latinos