Posted on September 20, 2017 · Posted in P-cubed News, Roosevelt House General News

On May 10 and May 17th, 14, 2017, the Spring 2017 Public Policy Capstone students presented their semester research projects to an audience of students, faculty, and the general public at Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College. The research projects proposed solutions to some of today’s most pressing policy challenges, including mass incarceration, residential displacement due to gentrification, and climate change, among many others. A video of the presentations can be found below, as well as a list of student names and project titles.

May 10th

  1. Megan Akaraphotivong, New York’s Voice in Protecting Reproductive Healthcare for All
  2. Farjana Islam, Nari, halo thakuna’: Meeting Bangladeshi Muslim Women’s Health Needs in NYC
  3. Jessica Mendieta, Student Homelessness: Grades K-12 in New York City
  4. Patrick Kula, The Carbon Disconnect: A Green Job Solution
  5. Shalimara Begum, If You Build It, They Will Bike
  6. Kendra Cornelis, Bridging the Mental Health Gap
  7. Kim Kramer, Prisoner Reentry: Reducing Recidivism in New York State
  8. Silvia Cohn, Shared Solar for All in New York
  9. Aidan Craver, Making New York City’s Buildings Greener
  10. Sarah Lamsifer, Bolstering U.S. Foreign Language Capability
  11. Jillian Rodesk, Combatting Trump’s Global Gag Rule

May 17th

  1. Erika Wang, In Pursuit of Security, a Loss of Civil Liberties
  2. Brandon Fiscina, Social Security: How Secure is it?
  3. Jacob Kessler, Tackling LGBT Employment Discrimination in China
  4. Gregory Kurgansky, Medical Deserts: A Healthcare Emergency in Brooklyn
  5. Raymi Echavarria, Beyond a Sanctuary for their Nightmares: Safeguarding the Educational Aspirations of Undocumented Youth
  6. Kait Saier, How Gun Laws in Kentucky Harm Victims of Intimate Partner Violence and Policy Solutions to Better Protect Them
  7. Asheley Siewnarine, Addressing a Disrupted Public Education System
  8. Puja Persaud, Crisis in the Classroom: How Health Barriers Prevent Low Income Students From Academic Achievement
  9. Crystal Abban, Operation: End Hunger in the Bronx
  10. Isabella Divilova, Primary Care Shortages in Rural Texas and Mississippi
  11. F. Sebastien Dalencourt, Human Trafficking & Child Sex Trafficking