Posted on April 19, 2011 · Posted in Roosevelt House General News

On July 7, 2010, The New York Times featured Roosevelt House in an article entitled “A Home (Barely) Fit for Two Mrs. Roosevelts” written by James Barron.

“For the first time in 67 years, people are living in a certain rather famous town house on East 65th Street — up on the sixth floor, where the original occupants’ laundry flapped in the breeze long ago.

The original occupants were Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, and his mother, Sara. The mother commissioned the house in 1906 as a wedding present for her son and daughter-in-law. And on the theory of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, Sara moved right in.

“Everyone out there who thought they had mother-in-law problems,” said Jennifer J. Raab the president of Hunter College, which has owned the house since the mid-1940s, “this probably trumps anyone’s story.”

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