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Welcome back! It’s the start of another exciting year at Roosevelt House, the public policy institute at Hunter College, and I am thrilled to be writing to you as the new Director of Public Policy.

This week we are commemorating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech and the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Dr. King, on that memorable day on August 28th, 1963, pushed for a vision of greater racial harmony, economic equality and more employment for all races in America. Speaking on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at the Let Freedom Ring ceremony, President Obama said on Wednesday:

“Because they kept marching, American changed. Because they marched, a Civil Rights law was passed. Because they marched, a Voting Rights law was signed. Because they marched, doors of opportunity and education swung open so their daughters and sons could finally imagine a life for themselves beyond washing somebody else’s laundry or shining somebody else’s shoes.”

A special edition feature released by the Census Bureau this week shows progress in poverty reduction, an increase in income levels, high school and college graduation rates, and an increase in job opportunities for African Americans over the last five decades. But as a community, African Americans face many deep and troubling challenges as seen recently in the tragic Trayvon Martin case, New York’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy, and a recent ruling by the Supreme Court overturning a part of the Voting Rights Act.

Tell us your thoughts on where we are as a society on racial, economic and social justice. Where do we go from here? Add your thoughts and point of view to this important debate—you can find P-cubed on Facebook and Twitter.

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Stay informed!

All best wishes for a great semester.

Shyama Venkateswar, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer and Director of Public Policy

Roosevelt House