Elizabeth Holtzman

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Former U.S. representative Elizabeth Holtzman paired with lawyer and journalist Cynthia L. Cooper to explain why we can’t “just move on.”  Holtzman and Cooper argue that the Bush administration not only violated various U.S. laws but also changed many laws to escape prosecution. In Cheating Justice, The authors contend that a failure to hold George W. Bush and Dick Cheney accountable would set a dangerous precedent for the future leadership of America.

As a member of Congress and part of the committee that investigated and held hearings on the conduct of President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal, Elizabeth Holtzman condemns Bush’s adoption of Nixon’s claim that he acted in the interest of national security. Using Watergate-era reforms as a model, Holtzman details the steps she believes necessary to undo the damage, and explains how we can establish new protections to block future presidents from abusing the law.

About the Author:

Elizabeth Holtzman is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress where she served for eight years. She won national attention for her role on the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate, and sat on the subcommittee hearing President Ford’s testimony about the Nixon pardon. She subsequently served eight years as District Attorney of Kings County (Brooklyn), the only woman ever elected DA in New York City. Holtzman was also the only woman ever elected Comptroller of New York City. She is a Harvard Law School graduate and she currently works as counsel with Herrick Feinstein, LLP, a New York law firm.