Eric Sanderson, Bill Solecki, Owen Gutfreund on “Terra Nova, the world beyond cars, oil and suburbs”


Georges Benjamin, Theodore M. Brown, Clay Bennett on “The Quest for Health Reform: A Satirical History”

With: Georges C. Benjamin Executive Director, American Public Health Association; Joan H. Tisch Distinguished Fellow in Public Health 2010-2011Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP(E), FNAPA, Hon FRSPH, is the executive director of the American Public Health Association, the nation's oldest and largest organization of public health professionals. He previously was the secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, from 1999 - 2002 following four years as its deputy secretary for public health services. For the last 20 years he has been actively practicing public health at the local, state, and national level with expertise in the areas of emergency preparedness, administration and infectious diseases. Dr. Benjamin serves as publisher of the field's premier journal, the American Journal of Public Health, The Nation's Health Newspaper and the APHA's timeless publication on infectious diseases, the Control of Communicable Diseases Manual.Theodore Brown Professor, Department of Health Sciences University of Rochester Medical CenterTheodore Brown is a historian of medicine, public health, and health policy. He has conducted research on the history of the biopsychosocial approach and on translational medicine; the history of twentieth and early twenty-first century U.S. health policy; the influence of organized philanthropy on medical research, health policy, and medical education, and the history of American and global public health. He is a Contributing Editor for History of the American Journal of Public Health.Clay Bennett Editorial Cartoonist, Chattanooga Times Free PressClay Bennett is an American editorial cartoonist. Currently drawing for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Bennett is the winner of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.

Eric Sanderson, Bill Solecki, Owen Gutfreund on “Terra Nova, the world beyond cars, oil and suburbs”

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The next administration will face great challenges in addressing continued global climate change and its effects. In his upcoming book Terra Nova, The New World after Oil, Cars and Suburbs (to be published in 2013 by Abrams) Eric Sanderson, author of the best-selling book Manahatta: A Natural History of New York, argues that America’s addiction to oil and the lack of a policy of energy independence is actually destroying our way of life.  Sanderson writes, “The oil-cars-suburbs complex is so well-constructed, so resilient to reproof, so tightly bound up with our economy and way of life, that we do not even notice much of what is right and good in our lives we give up to curse through the traffic on the way to work.”  Sanderson’s solution focuses on four inter-linked and phased-in policy initiatives toward rethinking our energy consumption and the environmental toll of our car-dependent lifestyles. William Solecki, Director of The CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, will moderate a conversation on the future of our energy and environmental policy with Sanderson and Owen Gutfreund, Associate Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter and author of Twentieth Century Sprawl: Highways and the Reshaping of the American Landscape (Oxford University Press).

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