Climate Injustice: Are There Solutions?
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      Anhthu Hoang is an attorney in EPA Region 2’s air program. While she currently focuses on air regulation, in the past, Anhthu has worked with programs within the region and across the agency to integrate environmental justice (EJ) into EPA’s core functions. In order to promote equal protection under the nation’s laws for communities with EJ concerns, Anhthu has also worked with state and municipal governments as well as diverse stakeholders to promote and share methods and tools to improve environmental and health protection for vulnerable populations. Prior to joining EPA, Anhthu worked with a number of EJ organizations in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area advocating for communities of low-income and color. Before launching her legal career, Anhthu was an ecologist studying the impacts of agricultural pesticide contamination in wild amphibian populations. In addition to her law degree, Anhthu holds a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology.