Intersections of Race and Class in Special Ed Policy
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      Jordan Stockdale is the lead organizer of the Mayor’s Leadership Team on School Climate and Discipline—a one year task force charged with developing policy recommendations to enhance the climate for learning and reduce the need for suspensions, arrests and summonses in NYC public schools. In this role, Jordan co-wrote the Leadership Team’s report—Safety with Dignity and the group’s inaugural memo which detailed the mission, structure and timeline of the initiative. Mr. Stockdale is a former educator who has worked with at-risk youth and students with special needs for many years. As a former Fulbright Scholar, he researched the effects of education budget cuts on the quality and prevalence of alternative education programming in Madrid’s Public Schools. Prior to earning a Fulbright, Jordan taught special education in a middle school in East Harlem, New York. Jordan has a Master’s of Education and is currently on leave from earning his second Master’s from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School.