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    Zachary C. Shirkey teaches courses on international security, foreign policy, and international relations theory. His research focuses on military intervention, state alignment strategies, war duration, historical international relations, and counterterrorism. He has published articles in the Journal of Peace Research, Polity, Civil Wars, International Studies Review, Conflict Management and Peace Research, PS, and the Journal of Theoretical Politics. He has four books. The most recent one, American Dove: US Foreign Policy and the Failure of Force (University of Michigan Press), argues the United States would benefit from a more peaceful foreign policy that relied on deterrence and non-military tools. He is currently working on a series of projects examining the relationship between the international system and the units that compose it.

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  • Current Projects:

    International Relations; Causes and Termination of War; Intervention; Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

  • Research Areas: Foreign Policy, International Relations, Politics, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, War