Throughout the Fall 2021 semester students in the Public Policy Program have grappled with difficult questions related to public policy, explored current events, considered ongoing political cycles, and confronted conventional wisdom to produce a policy recommendation that addresses the Public Policy challenge they are most passionate about. Our students presented their Public Policy Capstone Papers and Policy Briefs, which address a wide variety of pressing Public Policy challenges including criminal justice reform, education access and equity, and the influence of digital media on 21st century policy issues.

Zaineb Ahmad
Childhood Trauma: Prevention and Treatment Policies for NYC Public Schools

Rehab Alyamani
The Media’s Influence on Public Opinion Around Covid-19

Olenka Ballena
Ending the Digital Divide in New York City: Addressing the Racial Disparities in NYPD’s Surveillance Technology

Casey Goldstein
It’s Time to Remove Gender Markers from Government Identity Documents

Steven Gray
Investing in People, Not in Jails: A Multi-Pronged Approach to Address Recidivism Rates Upon the Closure of Rikers Island

Hannah Joseph
Maternal Health in the United States

Margaret Kearney
Navigating the NYC Public School System in the Late-Stage Pandemic as a Disabled Student

Sophia Lamsifer
Changing the Algorithm: Remodeling Social Media Platforms to Combat Fringe Movements

Annabella Pritchard
Call and Response: The Role of Alternative Community Programs in Mental Health Crisis Intervention

Nastasia Katarina Radulov
Analyzing the Justification of Civilian Bombings: The Case Study of the 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia

Evelyn Velesaca

Lauren Vinals
Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Public Policy Capstone Presentations – Fall 2021 | Posted on December 13th, 2021 | Public Policy Program Events