Throughout the semester our students grappled with difficult questions related to public policy, explored current events, considered ongoing political cycles, and confronted conventional wisdom to produce a policy recommendation that addresses the Public Policy challenge they are most passionate about. Join us on Wednesday, May 12 at 10:10 AM EDT for a series of lighting talks presented by the Public Policy Program’s Class of 2021.  Our students will present their Public Policy Capstone Papers and Policy Briefs, which address a wide variety of pressing Public Policy challenges including criminal justice reform, education access and equity, and the proliferation of the gig economy.

Hunter College’s Public Policy Program, located in historic Roosevelt House, is based on the understanding that the preparation of informed individuals is the key to a vibrant participatory democracy. Students have an opportunity to interact first-hand with policy experts and practitioners, both in the classroom and outside, and learn how policies responding to urgent issues are created, how communities – across race, class, gender, sexuality, immigration status, among other differences – come together to demand change, who benefits from specific policies, and the ways in which the impact of laws can be assessed. These are important skills that enable graduates to embark on careers in public affairs and the nonprofit sector or remain engaged in public affairs or social justice at local, national, or global levels.

Devashish Basnet
Four-Pillar Framework to Address the Cascading Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Annalise Cruz
Making Financial Services Accessible

Therno Mamadou Diallo
Income Inequality in New York State

Tiffany Fermin
Striving for Greater Equity in the Distribution of Health Resources

Angelica Fernandez
The Effects of Racialized Educational Outcomes: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Michelle Gomez
Re-evaluating NYCHA’s Approach to Affordable Housing

Montserrat Lopez
Collective Bargaining During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jose Menjivar
Addressing Mental Health Disparities for Black and Hispanic Communities in New York City: Social Determinants of Health as a Way Forward

Marina Salazar
New York State Criminal Justice Reform

Christina Valeros
Addressing Food Insecurity in Public Higher Education in New York City

Elise Wang
Establish Fair Prescription Drug Pricing and Improve Prescription Drug Coverage

Public Policy Capstone Presentations Spring 2021 | Posted on May 10th, 2021 | Public Policy Program Events