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Please join us for a half-day conference on sustainability ethics and resilience. The conference, scheduled Wednesday, April 18, 2018, brings together philosophers and other environmental theorists to address questions at the intersection of sustainability, philosophy, and ethics. These questions include: How can we revise our idea of “the good life” to promote sustainability? How do we balance our responsibilities toward future generations against our responsibilities to those alive now? What are the possibilities and prospects for indigenous environmental resistance? Finally, what are our moral obligations in an era in which we can no longer rely exclusively on our governments to solve our most urgent environmental problems?

Sustainability Conference speakers

8:30 AMBreakfast
Keynote Address
9:00 AMDale Jamieson
Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy, New York University: Who’s Responsible for Climate Change?

Session I
10:00 AM Sahotra Sarkar
Professor of Integrative Biology and of Philosophy,  University of Texas at Austin: What New Conservation Should Be

10:25 AM Evelyn Brister
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rochester Institute of Technology: Sustainability, Forests, and Forks in the Road

10:50 AM   General discussion
11:15 AM Coffee break

Session II 
11:30 AMKyle Powys Whyte
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Community Sustainability, Michigan State University: Critical Investigations of Resilience and Justice: Indigenous Environmental Studies

 11:55 AMSamuel Truett
Associate Professor of History, University of New Mexico: Rethinking the Global Past to Imagine a Sustainable Planetary Future

12:20-12:45 PM General discussion 

Presented in partnership with the Hunter College Departments of Philosophy and Geography.

Reimagining the Good Life: Sustainability Ethics in Theory and Practice | Posted on April 5th, 2018 | Faculty Seminars, Public Programs, Special Projects and Conferences