Roosevelt House Visiting Research Scholars

Roosevelt House offers work space and limited administrative support for scholars at other institutions who are collaborating on joint research projects with a Roosevelt House Faculty Associate. Roosevelt House can accommodate up to three such scholars per year. Candidates must have their own independent funding. Roosevelt House will provide a workstation in a shared office, and will arrange for a temporary Hunter NetID card, which grants access to the college’s library and to other privileges enjoyed by members of the Hunter faculty and staff. In exchange, visiting research scholars are expected to give at least one public lecture and/or participate in a faculty seminar, lunch seminar, conference or course. They are also expected to be available to meet informally with students.


Visiting scholars should have a PhD in an appropriate discipline or a relevant professional degree in, for example, law, journalism, health, education or social work. Their research should address an aspect of public policy, human rights or another area directly related to the legacy of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Current Visiting Research Scholars

Wendy Cavendish
Smita Narula

Past Visiting Research Scholars

Laetitia Atlanti-Duault
Gisela Cramer
Aleh Ivanou
Geoffrey Kabaservice
Bettina Leibetseder
Helen Lindberg
Jen Nelles
Oane Visser