Posted on February 1, 2022 · Posted in Kheel Fellowship, Roosevelt House General News

Theodore Kheel Transportation Fellow Ndeye Ndione’s research on the challenges of installing platform gates in New York City’s subway system was featured in Streetsblog. Ndione’s cost-benefit analysis examined the extent to which platform doors would improve safety and service reliability, as well as the total cost to the MTA.

The Fall 2021 Kheel Seminar in Transportation Policy invited students to reimagine transportation policy in New York City. Drawing on a variety of academic disciplines, including urban planning, political science, economics, law and public finance, students in the seminar discuss and investigate a broad range of contemporary issues concerning travel and transit. This year, under the guidance of Theodore Kheel Transportation Fellow, Professor Charles Komanoff, the course has evolved into a practicum on applying economic tools, especially cost-benefit analysis, to both mainstream questions and cutting-edge proposals in city transportation policy.

Read Ndione’s full report on Streetsblog.