Posted on October 21, 2019 · Posted in Exhibitions, Featured News Story, Roosevelt House General News

10am-4pm Monday-Saturday. Free of charge. This exhibition has been extended through April 2020.

(New York, October 11, 2019) — Roosevelt House has a new exhibition A Lens on FDR’s New Deal featuring more than 150 photographs taken by New Deal photographer Arthur Rothstein (1915-1985) for the Farm Security Administration (1935-1941) and the Office of War Information during World War II (1942-1946). The show is organized around a book proposal that Rothstein wrote but was never published. Original photographs and reproductions, as well as published materials, highlight the varied media where Rothstein’s work was showcased throughout his prolific 50-year career. The show was co-curated by Deborah Gardner, Curator of Roosevelt House, with Annie Rothstein Segan and Brodie Hefner of The Arthur Rothstein Legacy Project.