Posted on April 3, 2020 · Posted in COVID 19, Faculty Associates News, Publication News, Roosevelt House

TITLE: Roosevelt House Public Policy Program Faculty Member, Stephanie Woolhandler, quoted in Time — “Hospitals Got $100 Billion in the Stimulus Package. But A Lot of That Could Go Toward Administrative Costs”

“Roosevelt House Public Policy Program Faculty Committee member, Stephanie Woolhandler, Distinguished Professor at the School of Urban Public Health at Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center is quoted in Time on how much-needed funding from the Coronavirus stimulus package will be spent by U.S. hospitals.

Woolhandler, citing her recently published study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, warns that up to $26.6 billion of the $100 billion earmarked for hospitals in the stimulus package will be spent on administrative costs that are “baked into the way hospitals run”.

“All of the things that they need to do to administer in a non-crisis situation and collect money, they’re going to have to do with the bailout funds,” says Woolhandler, a long-time advocate for U.S. healthcare reform who argues that the current healthcare system stokes unnecessary competition between hospitals.

“I think that’s a terrible way to run a health care system in good times. Because I think the quality of care actually can go up if people develop best practices in their own hospital and share it with other people.”

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