Posted on April 13, 2020 · Posted in COVID 19, Faculty Associates News, P-cubed News, Roosevelt House

Roosevelt House Public Policy Program faculty member and Hunter College political scientist, Sanford Schram, and University of Alabama political scientist, Richard Fording, write about the Coronavirus pandemic, and the ways in which Republicans are manipulating the electoral system to their advantage, which the authors describe as “Disaster Democracy.” They argue that the recent Republican strategy of running Wisconsin’s in-person voting for the state’s primary – despite the Democratic Governor, Tony Evers’s executive order to delay the election overruled by the State Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court – was a calculated move to suppress voter turnout and risk lives in the midst of a social isolation order, and is consistent with other methods to depress African American voting elsewhere.

Read the full article “Disaster Democracy: Republicans Exploit Racial Disparities to Stage Sham Elections” on Medium.